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Balancing between the needs and wants

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The more I learn about economics, the more I question my own choices and balances for my financial future.

I seem to have the knowledge of what is going on but I am not taking enough action to balance things out. My wants/demands are outranking my needs. 

Anyways, I am working on some own personal research and I am curious how you all balance the choices you make with your own money. Share your thoughts and ideas. 

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I'm paying-off some bills recently. I learned how hard it is not to be able to balance the wants and needs since it could lead to awful debts. I think there are apps out there that could be helpful. As for me, I simply list them down and I'm mainly focused on my needs.

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Investing it for a rainy day....  probably should buy one of those piggy banks where the only way you can get to the coins is to break the bank